A strong believe of Skateboarding is Positive is to supply skateboarding as a form of exercise to individuals who are not interested in competitive sport or lifting weights. Not everyone is interested in competitive sport or lifting weighs. A strategy to cater to the health needs of these select individuals and get them exercising is to use what individuals are already interested in, skateboarding, and maximize that. Following an individuals lead on what he or she likes to do (skateboarding) makes exercise less of a chore.

Schools who have added skateboarding to their physical education (P.E.) curriculum's promote a more active lifestyle inside and outside of the classroom.

"Because of the child obesity epidemic, many schools have introduced health classes that stress good eating habits. Children must also be taught how to integrate exercise into their daily routine. Therefore it is essential that children are introduced to a variety of sports—skateboarding included—at an early age in order to find sports that appeal most to them."  See more at:

To solve issues in regards to students attending classes, Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine uses skateboarding to gain the attention of students. Gould Academy has the longest running, comprehensive skateboarding program which accepts all aspects of skateboarding. What Gould Academy is doing is giving the students a reason to attend school and a way to become involved with their peers.

"At Gould we embrace the mind-body connection which defines the relationship between athletics and academics. Students often learn how to learn on their skateboard and can then apply that insight to their work in the classroom." See more at:

Skate Pass ( is an innovative initiative that is responsible for bringing skateboarding into the physical education classes of schools across the United States of America, as well as in other countries such as Germany, Canada, and The Dominican Republic. Skate Pass offers schools specialized skateboard equipment that is not damaging to gym floors training workshops to ensure high level of skateboard instruction for the students.

Alternative activities like skateboarding should be introduced to kids in school along side conventional sports. Many individuals can form a greater desire with alternative sports compared to conventional sports (i.e. hockey, basketball, soccer). There is no reason not to introduce kids to alternative sports in the safe environment of school. For years, many years, there has been a focus in physical education curriculums on the same conventional sports that are not attractive to everyone. It is for this reason that alternative sports are a break from the year-to-year routines of traditional sports for both teachers and students. With the aforementioned organizations working to shift a part of the focus to alterative sports, more individuals will be able to be in touch with a variety of their interests.

Penny Slagle of Williston Public School District explains,

"It’s like you struck oil", Slagle said of the excitement the program has brought. “It’s exciting to see these kids try something different and like it. It can be tough to find things that young people like and can be active doing. It’s a different way at being physically fit, so why not try it?” Excerpt from:

As the video to the right of Nike and Paul Rodriguez explains, bringing skateboarding to after-school programs benefits school performance through grades. By offering skateboarding, the students are provided the skateboarding reward for good grades. In this case, skateboarding is the motivation to take interest in school. A statistic in the video highlights that 70% of the students say skateboarding is their favourite part of school, this has incredible opportunities to leverage the grades, and health, of students.

Another great initiative to connect skateboarding and school is the Oasis Skateboard Factory in Toronto, Ontario. The Oasis program is based entirely around the business of skateboarding.

Oasis gives students who had resistance with traditional school systems an opportunity to earn compulsory and elective credits. Students are exposed to learning how to hand make custom skateboards, experiment with graphic design and art techniques, meet successful real-world entrepreneurs who share advice, and work with community and marketing firms to grow their skateboard interests.

Students accept Oasis because they are given a voice to express their opinions and desires. The innovative teaching style of Oasis (school starts at 10:30am) and small classes sizes provide the students a sense of family and belonging among each other. The program as a phenomenal success for graduation rate and rightfully so, what a smart strategy it is to cater to the interests of students by providing relevant subject matter to the culture of urban youth.

"Nick Robertson, a second year student at Oasis is a firm believer that the emphasis a on subject matter that relates to a student’s interests, as well as the flexibility to earn credits in what you like has made the world of difference in his academic success."  See more at:

Oasis Skateboard Factory (Oasis Alternative School) Videos