Many individuals go through life stages without a sense of passion. Without passion, there is nothing to look forward to, accomplishments are scarce, and a purpose for keeping a smile is lost.

The absence of passion is an immediate red flag. To leave all judgements to the side, we must realize that individuals lean towards "getting into trouble" with negative life decisions because they do not have passion for a positive life outlet.

A common mistake is for parents and individuals of authority to assume that children, teenagers, and young adults (truthfully - people of all ages) will automatically behave and follow rules at all times. People should indeed behave and follow rules, but this is not done automatically. 

Deciding between right and wrong is a characteristic that must be learned and skateboarding is capable of teaching it. Too many people expect their son or daughter to sit idle and be content with watching the time go by, or nagging their son or daughter through ineffective verbal communication "to do something", but not legitimately providing "that something." Sitting idle is against human instinct and eventually a child will look to the nearest behavior, commonly negative, to simply interpret their own fun. There is a grey area that exists when individuals are looked down upon for their negative behaviour but are never given an actual positive item or idea to pursue.

Keeping busy and having healthy hobbies are the secret to avoiding negative behavior which would otherwise act as excitement when other options for entertainment are unavailable. Skateboarding represents both the positive item and positive idea to fulfill human needs of entertainment and belonging. Replacing negative behaviour with skateboarding ensures that individuals do not need excitement through violence, vandalism, and substance abuse to pass the time.

Amy Norton from NBC New York writes,

"Teenagers who stay active, participating in anything from football to skateboarding, are less likely than their sedentary peers to smoke, drink, or take other health risks. Among the nearly 12,000 middle-and high-school students, those who were physically active were less likely than their couch-potato peers to smoke, drink, and use drugs. Also, they often had higher self-esteem and better grades." Excerpt from:

The teenage years are an important time when individuals are searching for their identities. Skateboarding allows individuals to be out laughing and conversing with others to connect to a sense of community larger than themselves. The self-confidence of an identity and an association with skateboarding propels the well-being of an individual upward.

Jordan Frazier, interviewed by Orlando Sentinel, states,

"A lot of kids are depressed," he said. "And the ones who find skateboarding, it opens them up to a new world. It becomes your family." Read the full interview at:

To look at skateboarders and skateboarding from another angle, many skateboarders will not go close to trouble because of the fact consequences of trouble will negatively tamper the raw skill of skateboarding. It is the individuals who do not obtain these community and friend relationsjips, because they do not have a healthy hobby like skateboarding, who attract anxiety and lack of satisfaction with their daily lives.

The passion of skateboarding keeps kids out of trouble