Nutrition AND DIET

When it comes to achieving personal fitness and an improved athleticism, diet plays a vital role. Just like a vehicle requires fuel, the use of gasoline to operate, the food we eat is used to fuel our bodies. If we consistently resort to poor food choices (fast food, junk food, pop, desserts) our body will take a toll for the worst. Skateboarding is Positive (SIP) is not demanding for people to turn into a health craze of being a vegetarian or vegan. SIP is simply highlighting the power of food for well-being.

A common agreement among the health culture is that a healthy lifestyle consists of 30% exercise and 70% diet. These percentages are like an iceberg, the small top of the iceberg that is visible represents exercise, and the large bottom portion of the iceberg represents diet. It is for this reason that the video shown with Aimee Garrett and the Farmacy is of a skateboarders upmost interest. Healthy eating goes along with exercising and keeping active to benefit skateboarding ability.

Founder of Toy Machine skateboards, Ed Templeton, is an active vegan who realizes the power of healthy eating to avoid future hospital bills. Eating healthy is also important to regulate emotions and mood which effect concentration during skateboard tricks.

In an interview with One Green Planet, Ed Templeton shares,

"I still eat this way out of compassion for animals, but there is also a large dose of compassion for myself. I want to eat healthy and avoid many of the pitfalls that many Americans consistently fall into with their health." Read more:

Eating healthy maximizes the readiness of the human body for skateboarding to ensure that a skateboarder is capable of their best ability for the longest period of time on a skateboard. Eating healthy is also important to regulate emotions and mood which effect concentration during skateboard tricks. Consuming in moderation is acceptable for deep-fried treats, fast food restaurants, and junk food items. These food items are harmful to consume daily because they contain calories which minimal nutrients, also known as empty calories.

The most important key factor in healthy eating is to have a balance of food groups. It is advantageous to consume fruits and vegetables as well as meat, dairy, and grain products. Having at least 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) maintains energy levels for full alertness while riding a skateboard. Reading food labels is a method to avoid products with excess salt (sodium) and artificial ingredients.

The following foods are rich in nutrients to benefit the human body for performance: kale is a great vegetable to obtain the mineral calcium which is important for bone structure during impact on a skateboard, carrots contain a high concentration of vitamin A to ensure proper functioning vision for direction on a skateboard, avocados unleashes their benefits on the heart as the monounsaturated fats (healthy fats) lower cholesterol levels, and finally cherries which contain antioxidants reduce inflammation within the joints that are heavily used in skateboarding. Due to healthy eating, the reaction time and coordination of a skateboarder are skills that lead to new tricks as opposed to becoming a progress burden. It is also valuable to keep in mind a sufficient time period between eating and then starting to skateboard, in order to prevent cramps and stomach distress.

During a skateboard session, a skateboarder should drink water regularly to avoid dehydration. Synthetic drinks such as pop containing sugar (high fructose corn syrup) are to be kept at a minimum if not fully eliminated to prevent spikes in blood sugar which affect cholesterol levels. Instead, drinks such as coconut water which contain electrolytes benefit the body when repairing itself between skateboard sessions. Eating a healthy meal, including sources of protein, after a skateboard session helps repair joints and muscles for the next skateboard session.