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The characteristics of skateboarding cater to many interests.

Skateboarding serves as a method to learn life skills such as persistence.

Skateboarding provides a reason to keep away from trouble.

Motivate confidence in youth which transfers to school and work performance.

Keep people active through skateboarding to fight obesity.

Exercises off of a skateboard can prevent injuries and improve physical abilities.

What goes into our bodies effects our skateboarding ability.

Skateboarding teaches specific movements to apply to other life areas.

Be innovative by offering skateboarding in physical education classes.


The skateboarding culture is connected to various art forms.

Skateboarding is of interest to all populations as an outlet.

With determination, anyone can achieve the skateboarding benefits.

The universal language of skateboarding unites diverse individuals.

Skateboarders have a safe second come to build a sense of community.