Skateboarding may manifest itself as solely a physical activity to some, whereas to others, skateboarding is a culture that facilitates the creativity of multiple forms of artistic expression. These forms of art have only benefited skateboarding and continue to draw a diverse crowd to the performance art of skateboarding. Let it be known that skateboarding and art are not mutually exclusive and instead, can be combined together. The fact that art and thus creativity are a part of skateboarding uniquely separates skateboarding from other strictly competitive sports. Skateboarding isn't just something to be good at, it is an extension of ourselves and our creative personalities.

The ability of skateboarding to combine various art forms is an expression of creativity. Creativity is highlighted here to bring upon freedom and imagination for an individual. Examples of art that skateboarding includes are: fashion, music, visual art, photography and cinematography, wood-working. Even the sole description of skateboarding can be considered as a performance art.

The fashion culture that surrounds skateboarding includes branding of skateboard companies themselves as well as street wear brands. Graphic t-shirt logo’s and signature shoes are commonly worn by skateboarders. Brands that do not manufacture skateboarding products such as street wear brands are commonly sold at skate shops. The fashion choices by skateboarders are noted by others and commonly reflect a skateboarders riding style.

Video parts, the foundation of skateboarding evolution, are an extremely effective tool to advertise the songs of musicians. Specific music genres are able to be matched with the style of different skateboarders. Unlike many professional sports, music is capable of being played while skateboarders are focused on the tricks at hand. As opposed to being a distraction, music is a fuel to keep the determination of skateboarders alive.

Human expression through the visual arts, painting and drawing, compliments skateboarding. Many skateboarders are also talented visual artists who seek creativity as their form of emotional expression. Visual art showcases are hosted by skateboarding facilities to honour novel pieces of creation. The graphics displayed on the bottom of skateboard decks substitute for a blank canvas to reflect pieces of art work. Skateboarders frequently choose graphics that represent themselves, what they are feeling or what they are interested in.

The technology and technique in the photography and cinematography domains are responsible for elevating the popularity level of skateboarding. By showcasing the lifestyle of skateboarding in high quality, those not familiar with the skateboarding lifestyle are able to be effectively taught. Skateboarding videos are now conducted by state of the art filming procedures. Computer editing of photo and video shoots magnify the intricate nature of skateboarding.

Wood-working is a unique hands-on trade that has found a purpose in the skateboarding culture. Skateboard decks are capable of being carved into pieces of art such as jewellery and furniture. There is no piece of a skateboard that reaches the end of the road – a bearing is capable of being used as a piece on a necklace and a skateboard truck acts as a coat hanger.